Come be a part of the world's oldest and greatest sport!

Why should your child wrestle?

  • Wrestling is a natural activity, one of the first forms of physical play that young children do without ever having been taught.
  • As wrestlers gain experience, technique becomes complex and often correlates to high academic performance.
  • Wrestling does not favor any particular race, gender, culture, size, or stature and is practiced on all continents.
  • Wrestling builds character that contributes to one’s ability to become a responsible member of society.
  • Wrestling is a sport of control – not violence.
  • Wrestling is a great way to build confidence and self-defense skills.
  • Wrestling can dramatically improve one’s ability to perform in other sports.
  • Wrestling develops agility, balance, reflexes and strength in every major muscle group.
  • Win or lose, wrestlers must shake their opponent’s and opposing coach’s hands, ensuring that sportsmanship remains a vital part of the sport.
  • Proper weight management develops healthy eating habits that benefit the individual throughout life.
  • Just as in other sports, college scholarships are available for wrestlers who excel both on the mat and in the classroom.