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Upcoming Folkstyle Tournaments

You must register for the tournaments (WSWA Folkstyle Championship) at MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER YOUR WRESTLER UNDER BIG CAT CLUB.

Upcoming events
    Click on Tourney Tips for help in preparing for these tournaments.
    • Bread and Butter Camp June 30-July 3
    • March 2nd, Session 1 and 2: Davenport High School
    • March 9th, Session 1 and 2: West Valley High School
    • March 16th, Session 1 and 2: Mead High School
    • March 16th, Session 1: Twin Cities Challenge
    • March 23rd, Session 1 and 2: Mt Spokane High School
    • March 30th, Session 1 and 2: Lakeside High School
    • March 30th-31st, Session 1: Montana Open
    • April 6th, Session 1 and 2: Jason Crawford, Spokane Convention Center

    Is this your first tournament, or do you have questions about what a wrestling tournament looks like? Check out The Tourney Tips for pointers on what to pack and what to expect at the Big Cat Wrestling Tournaments!